What is spiritual direction?

According to Spiritual Directors International, Spiritual directors or companions support the unique spiritual journey of every individual. They are welcoming and present with those they companion, listening and responding without being judgmental. They are contemplative and honor silence as a spiritual practice. They are intuitive spiritual friends — accountable and compassionate, hospitable and open, loving yet independent.

Spiritual direction or companionship inspires people to experience authenticity in their lives as they connect with and explore the ground of all being, that deepest of truths which is beyond life and death and goes by many names, including God, and no name at all.

Inclusive ~ Genuine ~ Listening ~ Accepting ~ Contemplative ~ Wise

Joy finds that spiritual direction is for anyone who wants to strengthen and explore their relationship with the source of our being, or to find deeper meaning in life. Deep listening, with the One, Higher Power, or God (whatever you are comfortable calling our Source of Being) as the true director, makes it easier to hear your inner voice, align with your unique purpose and gifts; and express these in the world through relationships, work, vocation, etc. This can bring a sense of meaning, satisfaction, and freedom, even in the midst of a busy challenging life.

What can I expect from a spiritual direction session?

Spiritual direction is a time to have a conversation open to what is Whole and True. You might be talking about almost anything in your life, and with the help of the One, we can explore together how the Holy is working and moving in your life. I pray to listen deeply to you, perhaps hearing patterns in what you say and reflecting those back to you.

You don’t need particular preparation, just a sincere desire to grow closer in relationship with the small still voice, the Holy in your life. I won’t assign you any homework, but if you feel you want to explore some issue, reading, or form of prayer or practice, I can work with you on that.

The sessions are usually once a month, giving the Spirit plenty of time to work with you. The sessions generally last just under one hour. They can be in my study at my home in Mountain View, CA, or also by phone Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime if you are not near Mountain View. (If you need help, I can lead you through how to set these up.) I sometimes meet with people at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church in Cupertino, CA.

Spiritual direction is a confidential relationship. I will not reveal to anyone that we have this relationship, or divulge anything we have talked about except when required by law or a court order. You of course are welcome to discuss our relationship with anyone, or anything we have talked about, as you see fit.


An invitation:

If you feel intrigued, let’s chat together to see if it’s right for you. You can send me an email at the link below, and we could set up a time to chat in person or by phone or Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. At that time you are welcome to ask questions, or we can talk about areas in your life you might like to explore. After our chat we will both take some time to discern whether we would work well together.